Welcome to the Official Home Page of Bridge

The core group of Bridge currently consists of the four musicians shown in the photo above. They are, from left to right: Warren Wilson (guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals), Greg Neagle (clarinet), Mike Carroll (arranging, mandolin, guitar, vocals), and John Ballent (guitar). Bridge is often joined by other guest musicians such as Anika Ballent (flute), Rogerio Jardim (percussion) and Cornelia Ballent (accordion, vocals).

The band's musical style varies from tin pan alley swing music to World music from Europe, South and North America, including jazz, blues, old-time, bluegrass. Some samples from the group's CD (a work in progress) are provided by the MP3 (or ogg) links below:
  1. Choro(ogg) -- Brazillian mandolin and guitar duet by Flavio Henrique Medeiros.
  2. Tullagh Reel(ogg) -- an Irish tune for mandolin and guitar.
  3. Back Home in Indiana(ogg) -- played as a bluegrass / old-time guitar and mandolin duet.
  4. Beaumont Rag(ogg) -- A popular old-time, bluegrass number.
  5. Hornpipe Medley(ogg)-- An Irish hornpipe and a lament.
  6. Dream a Little Dream of Me
  7. Begin the Benguine(ogg) -- Cole Porter's famous tune arranged for three guitars. (This is the music you hear when you load this page.)
These recordings don't yet include tracks for bass, clarinet, percussion or vocals, but they will soon.

The group peforms in the Southern California area, mostly in the Long Beach area. For more information contact Mike Carroll via email at mcarroll_91786@yahoo.com