Change Log

Changes to Content Management System.

Date Function Changes

Test file name for illegal characters and flag file as an error.

11/15/2018 various modify programs to check domain name and if https:// is part of domain name do not prepend http:// to the domain name.
7/24/2018 Programs now use standard module to clean out dead or abandoned carts.

Add ability to view images full size and selectively delete them.

10/6/2015 showpage.plx

remove meta description og:...

10/6/2015 (effects managecontent)

increased the size of meta keywords and metadescription to upto 4096 characters.

8/6/2015 galpager.plx, gal.tp1

Revert to old style pager because of errors in Pininterest supplied JavaScript.

8/5/2015 galpager.plx, gal.tp1

Complete revision. |.header.| now required,
must be added as last line before close body tag.  HTML element id=nav defines where '<<', 'Close', '>>' and Click for larger image line goes.  id=imageBit controls where actual image is set.

6/2/2015 productline templates (via cartsupport2

Tests for <' and '>'  now work with decimal numbers. 

4/15/2015 productline templates (via cartsupport2 Product variables can now be tested to see if they are < or > (less than or greater than) a constant.  The constant needs to be an integer number (i.e., number w/o decimal point in it) If this is not true the test will always return false.
3/10/2015 managecontent, secure: showPage Made email optional for form generator and adjusted secure's version of showPage.plx to compensate.  Also, allowed (, ), / to valid name fields.
11/7/2014 mangecontent

Fix getting list of templates to handle UTF-8.


All programs and database

Change databases so text fields are now UTF-8. Programs changed to be compatible.


WYSIWYG editor

Upgrade to current version of TinyMCE (3/5/11) and update spell checker to work with current version.


Add |\.Ship2Bill.| and |.Bill2Ship.| tags.  Replaced by Check box inside of DIV class=Ship2Bill followed by Ship → Bill and DIV class=Bill2Ship  followed by  Bill → Ship respectively   Requires |.header.| tag in HEAD section of page to install appropriate Javascript.   Use of Bill2Ship should only used where there is no taxes charges, no discounts available and location independent shipping charges.


showPage.plx (non-ssl)

system will use special template popup.tp1 in place of built in default template and popup.css if present in document root.


showPage.plx (non-ssl)


Add tag |\.galleryDiv:....| to generate a gallery using div instead of table constructs. 
Both it and original |.gallery...| tag will check for will check for presents of gal.tp1 template and link to new program galpager.plx which will allow browsing through the gallery rather than displaying the full size image directly via a javascript pop-up

gal.tp1 specifies both the maximum page size for the javascript pop-up and the maximum image size within the pop-up page.  If the actual full size image is larger, a link to the full size image will be generated.  galpager.plx also supports tags to enable the image to be "pinned" but the original gallery page is used as the address rather than the popup.

3/19/2014 showPage.plx change captcha image generation.  New image is supposed to be harder to crack but more readable.
2/28/2014 showPage.plx (non-ssl) |.linkins:....| tag: routine must explicitly turn off page caching by returning non-zero value.  Benefit: more pages can be cached for better performance under load.
2/14/2014, enable page caching of category and product pages if the generated product lists do not depend on quantity and if the generated pages do not change depending whether a visitor is a member of an authorized group and signed in.
12/3/2013 content editor widget Forces "enter" key to wrap blocks in paragraph tags. Also makes Headers install correctly on all sites.  This was supposed to be the default behavior but seems to have randomly switched off.
11/22/2013 proddispl Correctly displays category page if the specified product is hidden or is a child product.  If no category is specified then the list of the top level categories is displayed.
7/19/2013 documentation upgrade and cleanup documentation.  Re-do and expand the URL rewrite section to match current system.
7/16/2013 all customer facing program add |.sDropMenu..| tag to display flyout menu (horizontal or vertical) based on list of section names, "catlist" and/or padge IDs.
7/11/2013 category line template add |.CatLevel.| for category line template use.  Can be added to style names to differentiate between levels, note: starts at level 2 since level one is the current category.
6/28/2013,, add |.currentURL.| tag for catalog pages.
6/28/2013 showPage (non-secure) add |.currentPID.| tag (e.g., 53 is generated for this page
5/28/2013 generate catid # if none is specified.
5/24/2013 showPage.plx (both versions) add sDropMenu and pcTOC tags
4/19/2013 managecontent, mangagetable (product or category) install updated tinymce (the WYSISYG editor).
4/18/2013 managecontent, mangagetable (product or category), showPage (non-SSL version) Add functions to support remapping cgi-bin style URL's to use pure text address based on position in site (e.g., becomes Requires activation and is compatible with site-map generating programs which runs nightly.  Initially address is auto-generated, but it can be locked to a specific value.  Old style addresses will still display the pages.
4/15/2013 managecontent Swap top and bottom button row so version control is at the top and Add, Save Update and delete confirm are at the bottom. Add display for auto-generated URL page addresses. (Partially installed page address remapping.
3/14/2013 catprodC, proddisp Added |.MetaKeywords:catfield:prodfield.| to check contents of primary category's field "catfield" (for catprodC) or product's field "prodfield" (for product display) and generate complete meta keywords tag if field is non-blank.
3/14/2013 sf1Cap Program replaces non-word characters in field names with '_' before attaching them to the email it generates.
3/8/2013 Configuration item in back end Changed right hand display to list the same names as they appear in the drop down instead a search function.
3/8/2013 catprodC, proddisp add |.MetaDescription:CatTag:ProdTag.| to generate a metadescription  if the database has a value.
3/6/2013 showPage, catprodC, proddisp, Install system to accept comments on content and catalog pages. contains the functionality
2/8/2013 mange content add « to right column list of pages next to the page being edited.
2/7/2013 showPage (both versions) create tag |.SC_TCATLISTt.| which uses tables like |.SC_TCATLIST.| does on the catalog side.
1/22/2013 Fixed pagination and search so filtering now occurs.  Added "filtered" below pagination when filtering is in effect. Current filters display under search area.
1/14/2013 CMS Admin via. Sites if single Editor can now access manageusers to change user Admin's password and to create, edit and delete Mail Only Users.
12/20/12 Multiple field name can now be searched and a hit on any will result in the product (or its parent being displayed). By default products with a quantity of 0 (i.e., out of stock) will be suppressed.  Pass 'searchIgnoreQuant' with a non zero value to to suppress this behavior.  General update to make result behave exactly as if the products were is a certain category. 
12/20/2012 suppress bullet before page "1" in page list. Correctly generate "is not empty" for parent close if at least one of the children has a non-zero quantity.
12/4/2012 catalog: Fix breadcrumbs so that category rather than its child is set in the links.
11/29/2012 managemedia.plx (which supports managecontent.plx) Add |dxf|msi|exe|zip extensions to valid files for upload.
11/26/2012 Now honors NotAuthorizedPage PID if set in configuration file.
11/7/2012 showPage.plx both versions Fix |.subPage.| tag.
11/5/2012 all programs which build web pages aliases defined in .htacess file via rewrite rule will be used in place of the page for which they are an alias.
10/26/2012 showPage (both versions) add tag |.linkins:LLLLL.| which will pass in \%v, $dbh, $q, $PgAuthStatus the \%v will allow both |.header.| and the current tags to be effected by the execution of subroutine linkins(..) defined in file
10/18/2012 mangetable & List of products on right column now uses one of the categories to which a product is assigned.  category 1 is used only for unassigned and child products.
10/17/2012 managetable fix references to graphic file position so delete occurs on update is graphic is deleted, and correct file size is displayed for major graphics
9/25/2012 showPage add Tag |.PR_AUTH.| which displays the user name a person logged in as. Matched existing tag in catalog.
9/12/2012 managecontent Add '*' after name: in generated forms
Hide display of Restricted to: if site does not have Auth Groups (actual correction was to module).
8/31/2012 managecontent Corrected to prevent 1:1pages from being deleted.
8/31/2012 Updated to use single display priority field.  Until this update it generated an error and would not display anything.
8/27/2012 showpage (both versions) LTOC tag now tests for HTML separator for list element end and start and if found puts begin unordered list in front of the list and end un-ordered list at the end.  This makes level 1 LTOC equivalent (with different styles of course) to the 2 level sites pTOC and sTOC tags.
6/22/2012 showpage (both versions), mangecontent,

Allow sites to  be configured to support more than two levels of content. Add new tags to support this.

LTOC and breadcrumbs.

4/11/2012 showPage (both versions) add |.buyButton:##.| tag to allow single button buy of product ## from a content page.  Also added new configuration entry to allow over-riding the default form which is used to replace this tag.  On secure version, the program transfers control to the non-secure server which may cause alerts (going from secure to non-secure page).
4/10/2012 mangemedia fix error which caused attempt to build thumbnails in non-gallery folder and then throw error with .isGallery file not found. Minor graphics clean up in programs' display
  activateGallery.plx (new program) when called, creates thumbnails of all images in a non-gallery directory. 
4/4/2012 showPage (both versions) Use Javascript pop-up to show gallery images
3/30/2012 showPage (both versions) Add |.pTOC:...| and |.sTOC:.... tags which generate primary and secondary table of content displays controlled excursively by DIV tags.
3/29/2012 managemedia Added function to convert an non-gallery media folder to a gallery media folder. 
3/7/2012 manageImageAccess Allow automatically generated parent folders to be later explicitly accessed.
3/2/2012 adminhome For user Admin, added display of status of page caching on this page.  Added button to set or clear blockCache.htm file in site's document root.
2/28/2012 admin2.css adjust style sheet for no version to work with web kit based browsers.
2/24/2012 catprodC, catlistC, proddisp, catlist2 scContent tags will now work.  proddisp previously only worked for default template.
1/16/2012 showPage (both versions) and sf1Cap,   managecontent corrected so that file upload fields will generate emails.  Upload fields may now be required which makes both Description and actual file both required.  Added set # to displays so that Error reporting which refer to a specific file or description will make sense.
1/9/2012 Product and Category backend Refer to Product.tp1 and Catalog.tp1 respectively to get styles for editor drop down.
1/2/2012 showPage, both versions Change the allowable special characters to include ' =  ? -
12/26/2011 showPage secure version Except for page caching, all functions of the non-secure form are now implemented. Retains special processing for messages and activation of Product Field.   This includes the rtnTarget:Get|Post, passPback and ErrorMesage tags.
12/8/2011 showPage Add support for passBack, rtnTarget:Get|Post, and ErrorMessage tags.
10/31/2011 catalog programs Expired carts will be cleared up when any of the catalog programs are called.  If quantity of product is not set to -1 (code for infinite number of product available), then the quantity in these abandoned shopping carts will be added back into the total available in product record.
10/25/2011 showPage (unsecure only) add processing of rtnTarget:Get and rtnTarget:Post Tests for presence of parameter rtnTarget, if none supplied uses HTTP_REFERRER provided by the web server.
10/25/2011 catprodC, showPage (incecure) add processing for Is_Auth tag which selects which one of two page's content is to be used where the tag occurs depending on whether the visitor has signed in  Multiple instances of the tag with different pages called out are supported.  For showPage, applied right after each pContent tag is applied and once more if there are no pContent tags on the page so content called in may contain pContent tags.  When used with proddisp. it may contain scContent tags.
10/18/2011 catprodC add synthetic product variable PR_AUTH set true non-blank is visitor is authorized to view anything.  Note: category hiding occurs selectively.
10/7/2011 showPage Close button on pages generated with the |.poup.| tag appear at the left edge vs. right edge since this will prevent button from being hidden if popup window is too small.
10/5/2011,buildSiteMap.plx, displayActions.plx add UTF-8 support
9/26/2011 managecontent Activate Layer support on a test basis.
9/16/2011 proddisp Parent/Standalone products values can appear anywhere in the product.tp1 template. Within any character/html type field |.PrNPrice.| and |.PrNumber.| fields will have the values for that product. This allows SKU and Price Changes to be automatically reflected in the text.
9/8/2011 managetable: Product Items in expired shopping carts are put back into available product. Opening the product button will automatically return products back to inventory. Major effect only on sites which are not visited often.
9/1/2011 mangetable: Catalog, Product Allow selection of Media Folder in addition to the default Catalog Graphics. Drop down lists will now appear in the Graphics, Link and Embedded-Media popups.
  Foulders Added auto convert of '-' to '_' when a new folder is created. Updated documentation to warn that an illegal folder name will no store graphics and must be deleted.
8/30/2011 mangecontent Add View Page before "History" link at the top of the page to display the page being edited. Previously the editor would have to find the page on the Sections & Pages section.
8/10/2011 manageEvents Add selectable media directory. Activates drop down media lists in Long Description Pop-ups.
8/5/2011 showPage, buildSiteMap Allow / . ( ) to appear in Section Names to be display
8/2/2011 manageevents, showPage Add event type 'O' for Important Events. Consolidated calendar will now show only important Events and Headlines. For backward compatibility, all existing events were marked at Important to mimic existing behavior. Fix display of Headlines and Important to reflect this.
7/25/2011 mangagetable: (Products, Categories) Correct typo when graphics files are deleted. Change update process so that all graphics files are removed before update even if they have a different file extension.
7/21/2011 catlist2, catprodC, category table Added support to limit which categories visitors can see. Uses same Authorization Groups as are used for content pages. Category table now has drop down to optionally restrict a category to a single group. Drop down requires Authorized Groups and users be activated for system and at least one Authorization group be turned on. As of this time products are not restricted.
6/30/2011 showPage (both versions)
Fix other instances of pop-ups to work around IE bug. Replaced ' ' with '_' in pop-up title.
5/25/2011 showPage (both versions) Change calendar pop-up's to work around IE 9's bug.
5/18/2011 showPage (non-secure version) If site configured with field for email addresses for those "Members" who can access restricted page(s), then a link to a password retrieval program is provided. This program will send a password to to the email address associated with the Login Name entered, if that Login Name has an associated email address. An error message is displayed if either an invalid Login Name is entered or there is not email address associated with that Login Name. Note: for security reasons, this function is not implemented on the secure server as any passwords involving the secure server should not be sent by insecure email.
5/17/2011 pop up's Documented work-around for IE 9 bug in handling of pop-up's
5/13/2011 managecontent Correct Form generator display so that extra text not added when an existing form is displayed for editing. Effected only the contents of the last active row's value field.
3/15/2011 showPage (both versions) The "Password" field (in the access validation mini-form) now displays '*' instead of the the actual characters.
3/4/2011 showPage (both versions) Add |.LogOut.| and |.LogOut:#.| tags which will erase the session information so that a visitor is logged out. The second version causes the page whose Page ID = the # to be displayed rather than the restricted page (effectively this would be the sign in form). This a workaround for error in all common browsers which no longer reliably delete session cookies when the browser are closed.
2/4/2011 showPage (both versions) Remove border around sign-in form table used to request authorization information to allow custom style to be applied.
Fix processing of |.section.| tag to suppress lead '~' or '## - ' to match documentation.
12/15/2010 managecontent, showPage (secure version) Change Form creation and display so to use new styles which allow side by side display of form elements (e.g., name on left and input box on right)
11/24/2010 managecontent List of available embedded media now appears when the Media pop up opens in the content manager.
11/22/2010 showPage, showPage secure fix links from Days in Division Calendars to go to the Division Day at a Glance page vs. the Composite Calendar's Day at a Glance.
11/16/2010 showPage, showPage (secure) Add expanded Table of contents tags (ETOC and ETOC:sectionName)
11/02/2010 history link off of manageContent Added ability to enter a specific page ID. If a page has been deleted this is a way to look at the changes performed against the page. and specifically when it was deleted.
11/01/2010 showPage, showPage (secure) Convert last part of folder name into an alt tag. Substitute space for '_'.
10/29/2010 showPage Removed Titles from output of Headline and Important Tags. Now need to be put in manually. Reason: allow site by site choice of titles. Recommend title be put in div tag with class='HeadlinesTitle' for consistency with existing style sheets.
10/15/2010 managemedia Admin user can now set max thumbnail width on a gallery by gallery basis.
10/12/2010 showPage Add |.rotator:Folder:Alignment:Time:Y.| |.rotator:Folder:Alignment:Time.| tags to create tag to rotate all the images in a folder ":Y" rotates only thumbnails w/o it thumbnails are ignored.
10/7/2010 showPage Add 't' (next 14 days) and 'w' (next 7 days) to Important and Headline tags. This is in addition to the existing 'W' (this calendar week), 'M' (this month which moves with the Small Calendar Month) and 'D' for today's Headlines/Important events.
10/4/2010 media folder creation/permissions On multi-editor sites, Folders are created on one screen and permission for all users are set on a second screen.
10/1/2010 showPage Fix:view prior version now works. Change: Site Maps now show top of section pages (i.e., Priority: 1-1) even if hidden.
9/28/2010 manage media Moving mouse over image icon will result in a 40x40px thumbnail of the underlying image until mouse is moved away.
9/23/2010 help system Added search function to help. Adding it to a regular site requires server configuration and creation of special templates, please contact hosting company for details


showPage Add tags: SiteMap and SiteMap_Size to display visible pages by section in two columns. Size variant adds either Link or Size of the unprocessed content areas associated with the page. Size variant is intended as an aid to site developers to determine which pages are empty.


showPage Add Important family of tags which mimic HeadLine family except both Headlines and Important events are displayed.
9/9/2010 showPage page caching modified. If a file 'blockCache.htm' exists in document root, pages will not be cached and existing page will be marked as dirty. Once the file is removed page caching will resume. Needed to support editing of templates
9/8/2010 showPage |.SingleCal...| tags: month and year at the title are now a link to the month at a glance letter size display. Target is set to top, return is set to the month's day detail page.
9/3/2010 showPage, managecontent The form generator now supports Upload type. If the form is run on the non-secure server the form processing program (sf1Cap) will attach the files to the email which is sent to the recipient. Not supported for Contact or Product/Service type forms because both of these types require the pages to be re-displayed repeatedly.
  showPage add |.unSingleCal:D.| tag so links from days with events or headlines exit any frames in which they are embedded.
8/30/2010 showPage, manageevents, printCal Events now can be Headlines, Important or Normal. Only Headlines or Important events will display on common calendar. Holiday and Special Days must be set for each calendar. Cleaned up build of Months so that Important and Special days are properly carried into display of months. The current month rather than all dates will be used if no search term and no date is specified in search.
8/25/2010 showPage,managecontent, manageevents Added page caching for non-secure page displays. Pages will be cached and marked clean if they do NOT contain calendar, CaptchaBit, Gallery, or RSS tags since the contents of the page can change from call to call. When a page is marked as Active by either managecontent (sites w/o versions) or published, a page is removed or and event modified all pages are marked dirty. Eligible pages are cached each day when they are called for the first time or if the an update has caused the pages to be marked as dirty.
  showPage, printCal Adjust display of Events to reduce eliminate display of duplicate events usually associated with the combined calendars. Where duplicate events exists the one with longer long description will be displayed.
8/20/2010 forms Increased available form element to 25. Updated help file to better explain creating form. Expanded the allowable characters to include '(', ')', '.', '/'.
8/9/2010 Content Manager, manage user, sf1Cap, showPage Major change: new user type created (mail only), each user who can access the back end can now have a Public Name and Email address associated with them. System now uses this information to determine to whom to send a form (previously a file on the disk was used). Secure messages are now supported. If site has catalog system will allow product type for secure messages which means that items on a form can have a quantity and tax-ability. (See sending messages elsewhere for details).
7/23/2010 shopPage If page ID and Status ('Active', 'Edit' or 'Prior') which does not exist then a '404' error is displayed. An optional page ID can be specified in the configuration which will be displayed instead of the default. Previously one of the pages with the lowest Primary and secondary sequence number was displayed.
Warning: if the home page's ID number is changed from '1' the index.stm file must be updated to reflect the new number. The system will no longer guess.
7/20/2010 Fancy editor Browsers will no longer display a mixed Insecure and Secure content errors alert when the administrative interface uses the fancy editor.
6/30/2010 Templates Fancy editor will now substitute special style sheet ending in "_wysiwyg.css" for the style called out in the template ending in ".css" if the special style sheet is present. While not documented "_mirror.css" was the previous extension. The special style sheet will be used to display the contents of the edit window as well as the drop down list of classes in the editor.
6/23/201- Content Pages add tags: |.StaticURL.| which will display the contents of the Redirect URL field In this case Sample Static Information
5/31/2010 Content Pages Changing the Media Directory under Mange Pages does not require the page to be refreshed.
  Help File Remove duplicate Media Libraries pages and replace section under manage pages with short commend on how Media Directories drop down.
5/14/2010 Catalog Pages Add drop down menu using new tag |.dropDown:sectionName.| Reserved ID: manu, classes: dropDownMenu, dropDownMenulink
  Fancy Editor New version installed, minor bug fixes to bolding and underlining.
  Content and Catalog TOP2CAT tag added, displays Top two levels of categories using div tags.
  Category Lists Add contents of Menu Add-on (aka CatSpare3) after category name in side category lists and TOP2CAT list.
5/06/2010 Content Pages Add drop down menu using new tag |.dropDown:sectionName.| Reserved ID: manu, classes: dropDownMenu, dropDownMenulink
4/28/2010 Special Pages link Section names replace Short Description. Sort is now by Hidden (Y|N), Section and then Title.
4/5/2010 WYSIWYG editor New version installed. Text Paste button now acts as a toggle, when active pastes are converted into pure text and when inactive no cleaning of pasted text is performed. Paste is now via Mouse button (usually right) pop up, Browser Edit->Paste function or Ctrl-V.
Other minor changes: Seems to do a better when you go to re-edit and existing page.
2/4/2010 showPage, managemedia updated gallery support to allow for page author controlled display order and add titles. Created program, called out by the 'Organize' link on the mange media page, to display all thumbnails and allow changing the order and titles. System uses standard locking to minimize the possibility that two authors will overwrite the others work.
1/20/2010 showPage add support for image galleries which includes automatic generation of thumbnails. Requires change in configuration file to enable.
11/20/2009 showPage add tag family to show three month calendars starting with the next current month and continuing to the next two months (e.g., if current month is Nov. then Nov. Dec, and Jan. will be displayed. Styles are Center, Left and Right to allow the same size differentials as in the base three month wide calendar.
11/16/2009 showPage
add tags to showPage to call printCal in various ways.
printCal program generates a month at a glance display. See tags for details.
11/13/2009 showPage Head line display function now puts 3 letter month and day in front of the Headlines if the Headline tag does not specify just one day's headlines.
Month at a glance calendar program written, but no tag or link yet created. Available at /cgi-bin/complex2/printCal.plx{?CalID=#} where actual calendar ID can be specified to optionally specified. uses /assets/printCal.css.
11/09/2009 Mange Pages Generate pop up with list of hidden pages for page Authors to use in with |.pContent:#.| tags
11/06/2009 Manage Pages Create Response form generate as option for default Content area. Available only for Administrators.
Alter response form processors so that they generate new authentication graphic rather than asking the visitor to backup and re-enter the authentication if they did not enter the proper authentication.
11/03/2009 showPage Change Contact tag output to do special processing for IE 7 running on XP.