Top Level Menus

This background is for all users.

Overview: there are two rows of menus which will appear on the pages used to manage the site.  If the site has a catalog there will be a third menu row.  If you do not have permission to perform an action, either because someone else is editing the page or because the user you are logged in as is restricted from performing the action, the function will be greyed out.  The sub-topics under this page represent the current maximum functionality of the system.  If your system does not have a feature, the button will not be present.

The top row consists of the less commonly used functions.  (in this note, functions available to the site administrator only are shown in blue).

The lower level menu contains three or four large icons which are used to activate the most commonly used functions.

Sites with an associated catalog have a third menu which deals with orders, product categories and products.